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Product Description


If you are looking for a practical, convenient and adaptable bag for many different sizes of oxygen tanks, this will make it easier for your loved ones to carry oxygen tanks, out and care, you should look no further!

Presenting The ZHEEYI Wheelchair Oxygen Cylinder Bag!

Now, you don’t have to worry or get tired of oxygen bottles large and small, thanks to our new oxygen cylinder bag designed to help you carry easily and with just one bag!

Why Choose Our Wheelchair Oxygen Cylinder Bag?

Unlike all those low-quality oxygen cylinder bags, our oxygen cylinder bag is:

New patent design – A bag, fit all sizes!
Due to its thickened nylon fabric, more durable!
The built-in zipper USES high strength and wear resistant zipper, more practical!
More convenient – bag-mouth wider design, more easy to load oxygen cylinder!



Features: ZHEEYI Oxygen Cylinder Bags for Wheelchairs, it applies to almost all wheelchairs. The product is made of specially thickened, tear resistant, wear-resistant, easy-to-clean nylon fabric. The bag is equipped with a handle for easy installation and handling by caregivers. This wheelchair oxygen cylinder bag is a great tool for those who need to carry an oxygen cylinder outside. Wheelchair users can easily carry oxygen cylinders.
Overall Product Size: 26.5″(H) x 8.2″(W) (Our product is designed to be a little wider than usual, and the oxygen cylinder can be put into the bag more conveniently.)
EASY TO INSTALL: Top and bottom clasps easily attach for secure fit to wheelchair. Snap the clasps in place then adjust the height of the strap. Adjustable straps allow the bag to be positioned off-center on your wheelchair so that it won’t interfere with your back or head.
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