You can put a lot of things on layaway, but this isn’t one of them . . .

A woman in Allentown, Pennsylvania is facing charges after she tried to hire a HITMAN to kill her husband . . . and asked if he’d offer her a PAYMENT PLAN.

44-year-old Claudia Carrion met up with the guy on Thursday, and agreed to pay $4,000 for the hit. But she didn’t have it upfront.

So she asked if she could pay in installments of $100 for 40 weeks.

The hitman agreed to it . . . because he was actually an undercover cop. And once she paid the first $100 as a “deposit,” they arrested her.

It turns out this wasn’t the first time she’s tried and FAILED to hire a hitman. She told police that she tried once before . . . but the hitman that time didn’t work out either.

She’s facing charges for criminal solicitation to commit homicide. 

(WFMZ / PhillyVoice / Law & Crime) Image © 2021 Getty Images


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