I play this quiz quite often and usually get; ‘You Are 50% Slytherin, 21% Ravenclaw, 16% Gryffindor, and 13% Hufflepuff!’ (Relentless in your pursuit of success, making you a perfect fit for Slytherin, but your willingness to take risks makes you somewhat compatible with the typical traits of Gryffindor house. People who don’t know you well are often intimidated by your reserved demeanour and you you have very few close friends. You are loyal to few, and definitely prioritize personal success over close relationships. Your slight compatibility with Ravenclaw house hints at an appreciation for knowledge and wisdom, though they are not priorities for you.)

And then when I take it again I usually get; ‘You Are ALL THE THINGS!’ (29% Gryffindor, 29% Slytherin, 25% Hufflepuff, and 17% Ravenclaw)

In conclusion; 79% Slytherin, 45% Gryffindor, 38% Hufflepuff, and 38% Ravenclaw

Slytherin through and through. I do like close relationships though.


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