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Size: approx. 17″x 17″
Material: High grade PVC

How to Use
1. Pull valve system until it pops out
2. Pinch the base of valve to open the airflow
3. While pinching valve, inflate with the pump until it’s two-thirds full.
4. Push the valve back in to close and seal cushion.

Pull out valve, pinch the mouth of valve and squeeze the seat cushion to deflate.

Avoid contact with sharp objects.
Do not leave in high temperatures.
For best use, weight limit of 240 lbs.
Do not over inflate.
Insert the plug into the valve to stop air from leaking out of the valve.
It is recommended to inflate the cushion on a regular basis to ensure a pleasurable seating experience.
Gently squeeze the valve for easy inflating or deflating.

Wipe cushion with a clean wet cloth. Do not machine wash.

Package Includes:
1 x Air seat-cushion
1 x Hand pump

UPGRATED COMFORT – WELLIN’s seat cushion provides comfortable, stress-free sitting with a gentle layer of air that helps to eliminate pressure points.The small ring-shaped holes of our chair cushion ensures body weight is evenly distributed without putting pressure on your lower back.
EASY INFLATION – Our uniquely designed pressure relief wheelchair cushion 17*17 inches can easily be inflated. Our seat cushion holds the air longer than any other chair cushion on the market. Deflating our wheelchair cushion is also easy, as you can just pinch the mouth of the valve and squeeze the air cushion to let air out quickly and store away.
RELIEVE PRESSURE – The layer of air in the cushion can effectively eliminate soft tissue pressure. The small ring-shaped holes ensure that the body weight is evenly distributed without putting pressure on your lower back. This inflatable seat cushion can provide added comfort to any chair or stadium seat.
EASY TO TAKE ANYWHERE – This lightweight design allows you to easily carry from chair to chair or quickly deflate and re-inflate on the go.

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