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Product Description

TP Catheter Bag CoversTP Catheter Bag Covers

For Your Ultimate Privacy | Portable Catheter Bag Cover for a 2000 ml Bag WITHOUT INDEPENDENT PLASTIC ATTACHMENTS FOR HANGING INDEPENDENTLY. Discrete Home and Travel Use | Scooter, Easy Chair, Bed Side | This is NOT a Leg Bag Cover.

The TP BagThe TP Bag

The Original TP Bag

TP Bag Catheter Bag Cover Easy Fixings Hook and LoopTP Bag Catheter Bag Cover Easy Fixings Hook and Loop

Easy Yet Firm ‘Hook and Loop’ Fixings

The whole process made easy;

Insert your 2000ML bag into the top opening of TP Bag
Simply open out the pipe cover and wrap around the catheter bag tube and re-secure with the hook and loop fixing.
To empty the contents of the enclosed catheter bag; Open the bottom flap of the TP Bag, empty the contents and close.

The Original TP Bag | Tough, Light, Washable 100% Cotton Catheter Bag Cover with Detachable Pipe

You can attach while the catheter bag is in situ to your body. No need to disconnect.

The upper and lower openings of the TP Bag as well as the full length of the pipe use the popular ‘hook and loop’ velcro style fixings for ease of use.
The pipe cover is likewise attached to the bag cover by the ‘hook and loop’ fixing for easy detachment.
The generous length pipe allows you to also cover the attached catheter if desired.

tp bag fits a 2000ml catheter bbagtp bag fits a 2000ml catheter bbag

Comfortably Fits a 2000ml Catheter Bag

Will Any Style 2000Ml Bag Fit The TP Bag?

Be sure the catheter bag has no hard plastic strips at the top used for independent hanging.


“I designed the TP Bag to snuggly fit the most popular 2000ml rectangle catheter bags as seen in the product pictures. BUT if like me you are happy to conceal different shaped catheter bags – simply fold the sides to fit The TP Bag will serve you well.”

Compact – Portable – Discrete – Convenient – Ideal for home or travel use, these Foley catheter bag covers (ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR LEG BAGS) can be used with wheelchairs, scooters, by the bed, on a plane, or in a car
Day and Night Coverage – Along with regular travel, these portable covers for catheter bags allow you to use a larger 2000mL urine bag during the day or for complete night time use
Heavy-Duty Cotton – These black, versatile travel catheter bag covers are crafted with high-quality cotton that’s hand-wash safe, easy to clean, reusable and eco-friendly
BAGS WITH HARD PLASTIC ATTACHMENTS ARE NOT SUITABLE, We invite you to view our videos ‘How to fit a 2000 ml catheter bag’, ‘Our Quality Control and ‘Our Philosophy and Customer Care’ (Choosing the right catheter bag cover for you)..

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