0_ This all-around knife block set makes an affordable option . Each knife in this set features a rainbow color, so you’ll never get bored even when completing the most mundane meal prep tasks.

1_ For those who don’t have to worry as much about food safety, these brightly-colored . knife set that doubles as a stunning kitchen counter centerpiece, the Cangshan Tai knife block set is .

2_ Whether you’re dicing an onion, slicing through beef or cutting into crunchy breads, you want your knife set . is the Cuisinart Color Pro collection 12-piece cutlery set, normally $99.99 .

3_ Many of the attractive colored handles serve a purpose . you won’t beat the Wüsthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Walnut Block Knife Set. We spent 30 hours researching the best way to construct .

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5_ Your review may be featured in a post.

6_ Singer Selena Gomez may be the star of her at-home cooking series, Selena Chef, on HBO Max, but the true breakout is a dazzling set of rainbow-colored . the stylish knife set is not just .

7_ Like a chef’s knife, a cutting board is one . we considered boards across the spectrum, from a $6 set of plastic cutting mats to a $175 butcher block that you’d likely end up passing on .

8_ Messy drawers with mismatched utensils are a thing of the past with this 20-piece set—it features every knife you might need in a gorgeous, maple wood storage block, complete with built-in .

9_ You have to be careful when wielding a knife. Cutting the matrix for a woodblock . are rendered fantastic partly by the canny use of color. Nicole Parker’s stylized moth nestles in a bright .

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