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“The King Of Penises” ⋆ Madrid Metropolitan


The Madrid Metropolitan´s Spain News partner , British journalist and owner of Central European News Michael Leidig has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court in the United States in a libel case against BuzzFeed that had described his news reporting as “bizarre and salacious” – depicting the inhabitants of other countries as being “barbaric, sex-crazed, or just plain weird”.

In an exclusive video for the Madrid Metropolitan, however, Leidig points out that his “bizarre news”is just part of what he does and pays for the agencies real journalism, like investigating BuzzFeed, who he said paid for their real journalism by writing what people tell them to.

The subtext in the BuzzFeed story was that if you write bizarre stories you are not a real journalist, but as he points out BuzzFeed are the kings of bizarre and salacious stories designed only as “click bait” – and as we find out – quite a lot of penis related content – in fact according to the Google search string ” BuzzFeed Penis” – About 1,820,000 results are shown. They have been busy.

As you will see Buzzfeed appear a little lost for words when asked about their business approach ….

The below is just the first Google page…..


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