0_ To display your masterpiece in true medieval style, hang it from a decorative metal rod accented with gold silk tassels . To give your DIY tapestry extra pizzazz, add fringe, spangles and .

1_ Tassel tiebacks made of silk, metallic floss or other rich fabrics complement velvet, damask, silk or brocade drapes in a formal room. Quirkier materials, such as burlap and twine, are suitable .

2_ Corn plants are ready to be pollinated when the male inflorescences, called tassels, are fully expanded . Each pollinated silk will produce a single kernel of corn. Some manipulation of the .

3_ Your review may be featured in a post.

4_ Often incorporating dozens – or even hundreds – of tools, attachments and fixtures, toolkits and toolsets cater for a variety of repairs and DIY tasks, from replacing fittings to putting up .

5_ A DIY mother who transforms everyday objects into . Then I used white fabric paint to create a rainbow and attached some tassels. Because the outline was already drawn on the mat, it made .

6_ he entirety of the first twelve days of the year have, for me, been devoted to Married at First Sight Australia, Bridgerton, and The Serpent. Haven’t we all been binging TV with ravenous fury in .

7_ We needed it to be more saturated aqua, so we found a different silk. It made a big difference.” Eyrich also piped the ruffles of Emma’s tuxedo shirt in a matching hue, for extra dimension .

8_ The collection was an array of sarees, short angarkhas and anarkalis, using beautiful fabrics like georgette, chiffon and raw silk . complete with carnivalesque tassels in both front and .

tassels diy silk


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