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Retrospec’s Dreamcatcher is the one basket you can confidently put all of your eggs in. With its large mouth and bulbous bottom, you can fit just about anything in here. From groceries to schoolbooks, your basketed belongings will be kept safe and sound. This basket is woven with strong cane and built around a sturdy wooden base, making it extra durable for long-term daily use. The authentic leather adjustable straps make it easy to install on any bike without any tools. Cruise around town with Retrospec Bicycle’s Dreamcatcher Cane Basket and forget the hassle of having to balance your possessions on your person.

Our dreamcatcher Baskets are woven with durable cane to stay strong day in and day out
Adjustable authentic leather straps with brass Buckles attach basket to front handlebars without tools
Twice enforced around wooden base
Dimensions: 12.5″X 8.25″X 8.5″
Maximum weight limit: 15 pounds

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