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The umbrella holder & windproof umbrella by Banana Leaf Designs make parenting in the city a little easier. The product holds an umbrella for the adult pushing a stroller. The holder attaches with a quick-release clamp, making it easy to attach, remove, and keep in the stroller. The clamp adjusts to fit a variety of strollers, scooters, walkers, or other devices. The holder tilts and rotates to hold the umbrella in a desirable position. While this product includes a bespoke umbrella, golf umbrellas and other straight-handled umbrellas will fit in the holder as well. **Patent Pending**

Quick-release design makes it easy to attach, remove, and store in the stroller.
Includes a strong, windproof navy blue umbrella. Other straight-handled umbrellas fit in the holder if the handle is less than 1.75 inches thick.
Versatile clamp that fits a wide range of strollers, scooters, walkers or other devices. The clamp fits stroller handles as thin as 22mm (Bugaboo) and as wide as 43mm (Baby Jogger).
Adjustable holder that tilts and rotates so that the position of the umbrella can change.

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