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This is a thumb switch type hand control that has a large thumb switch for up & down, and a smaller switch below that that moves from side to side. Chairs that use this hand control have two motors, one for the up & down, and one for the back; you push the slide switch one way to control one motor, then the other way to control the other motor. The control has a straight five (5) pin connector that unplugs either in the side pocket or the back of the chair; it plugs to an extension cable, and then that extension cable goes on down to the control box under the chair. Just follow your hand control cord down past the handle, and past the curly cord, and then look about 8″-10″ past the curly part, you should find that straight connector.

Has Large Thumb Switch for Up & Down, and a Smaller Switch Below that Moves from Side to Side
Used on Pride and Other Model Chairs that Has One Motor for the Back and One for Up & Down
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