S04E12: Quarantine Films, Fun Quizzes, To Die For

Top 3 Turf War – 00:30
Jay and Ivana compile a list of the best movies they’ve discovered during quarantine.
What’s new with us!  – 41:48
We had a few tangents during Top 3 Turf War, so… we basically skipped this.
The Interwebs –  42:12
Jay and Ivana take a couple buzzfeed quizzes and we invite you to take them along with us.
Are you abusing your mayo privileges?
Which iconic Ross Gellar quote matches your personality?
Take Two – 54:08
Jay & Ivana watched Gus Van Sant’s “To Die For”, which Ivana remembers enjoying and Jay remembers… well… less enjoyment.
Next week join us, as we watch “Warrior Nun”, episode one.
Outro – 01:12:20
We really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to listen to our first podcast, and we really want to hear from you, good or bad!
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Thank You!
The talented voice, SFX and music artists have made our show possible and we owe them a HUUUUGE thank you.
Darren Osborne, Announcer & Voice Artist
Leslie Seiler, Comedian & Actor –  @Leslie_Seiler
Paul “PK” Kingston, Comedian & Actor – Facebook/PaulPKKingston; @PaulPKKingston
Becky Frame, Voice Talent
Chris Shapcotte, Voice Actor & Photographer – @shapshots
Laura Carney, News Anchor – @LauraMCarney
Show music is from BenSound.com
SFX are courtesy of Mike Koenig from SoundBible.com
SFX are courtesy of:

Explosion & Debris & Mike Koenig (SoundBible.com)
Happy Happy Game Show & Phantom from Space by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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