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Miracle Mobility Anti-Decubitus Auto-Inflation TCU Seat Cushion

Portable Cushion Perfect for – Wheelchair, office chair, Car Seat Cushion, sporting activities, Computer Desk, Camping Chair, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Couch, Recliner. Great for Car seat cushion, Truck Driver, Train & Airplane Travel.
Heavy Duty Variable Size Air Cells – Designed for optimum spinal support to relieve pain from pressure points on the tailbone and spine the air cells vary in size to provide maximum comfort.
Anti-Decubitus Cushion – Ideal for individuals at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown due to long periods of sitting, experiencing pain, impaired sensations and for those looking for enhanced comfort in sitting.
Promotes healthy posture – Proper lumbar spine alignment, reduced back pain, increased blood flow to the legs & superior comfort. Helps relieve pain from back injuries, herniated, bulging or degenerated disc, sciatica nerve pain, arthritis, hip pain, sacral joint pain, stenosis, hemorrhoids, pregnancy and other conditions.

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