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Exclusive Features with Metro Mobility M1Lite Scooter

One-piece frame deck that is stronger and more stable.
Max speed as 4 mph – The speed is adjustable.
Narrow Turning Radius: 43.3″ – Could make a turn in narrow place.
Higher ground clearance as 4.7 inches – Cross over obstacles on road.

The Differences Between M1Lite and M1 Series

1)M1Lite Series doesn’t have the front light and rear brake light that M1 has
2)The seat of M1Lite are the same with most other competitors, while M1 seat is extra padded
3)The motor with M1Lite is 24Vx250W with 4 mph max speed, lower than M1 with 24Vx300W with 4.97 mph max speed

This is an electric scooter that allows you to use it around the house (non-marking tires), outdoors, or pack it up in the car and head out on a road trip.

Easy Portability –

This mobility scooter can be easily disassembled into 4 pieces to place into the trunk of the vehicle for easy transportation.
Deck: 63 lbs (44″L x 20″W x 17″H)
Battery: 21 lbs
Seat: 16 lbs
Basket: 1 lbs
Overall weight: 101 lbs

Flexible Adjustability –

Our mobility scooter will give you more freedom to customize a comfortable fit by offering the ability to change the angle of the tiller, seat height, and adjust the armrest width or flip it up entirely, which gives you an easy transition in and out of the scooter, or when you are shopping, flipping up the armrests allows you to interact much more easily without getting up and down from the seat.

Safety Guarantee –

A bumper on the front and anti-rolling wheels on the back to prevent rollover.

Range & Capacity –

Weight capacity of 265 lbs with a 10 mile travel range per charge, enough to get you through your grocery shopping or a long walk around the neighborhood.

Easy Portability – Quickly and easily disassembled into 4 pieces, The heaviest piece(63 lbs) can be folded up to a dimension as (44″L x 20″W x 17″H), it can be easily placed into the trunk of the car, portable.
Intuitive Control – Rest your wrists on the bar and drive the scooter with the lever with no effort, whether use right or left hand! There is a variable speed dial, a horn button as well as a battery indicator on the panel for easy maneuverability
Adjustable Convenience – The seat is swivelable and backrest and armrest are foldable. The height of the seat, the angle of the tiller, the width of the armrest are all adjustable
Smooth Stability – 4-Wheel 8 inch large flat-free, non-marking front and rear tires with anti-tip wheels

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