Researchers Determine Coelacanth Faked Own Extinction To Escape Massive Gambling Debt The Onion

Sticky bacterial biofilm traps and sinks microplastics for recycling New Atlas

Rare chunks of Earth’s mantle found exposed in Maryland National Geographic

These ‘creativity genes’ allowed humans to take over the world Science Direct. And so we have bodega cat pictures on the Internet!


New CDC mask guidance draws clear line between vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans LA Times

The CDC Is Still Repeating Its Mistakes Zeynep Tufecki, The Atlantic. Today’s must-read. This is a massive takedown of the CDC’s new mask guidance, albeit a polite one.

How one restaurant’s experiment may help diners breathe safely SFGate. Droplet goons at WHO and CDC gnashing their teeth as the world moves on without them.

Beyond the First Dose — Covid-19 Vaccine Follow-through and Continued Protective Measures NEJM. I read this twice. I see no mention of material circumstances. Nothing about lousy Internet in rural areas that rules out apps, certainly a confounder with the oft-shamed “partisan divide”, or inability to easily make appointments (truck drivers). The focus is on public relations and “bolstering with critical public health .”


China’s Imports of Commodities Drive a Boom in Dry-Bulk Shipping Hellenic Shipping News

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam heaps praise on Beijing-imposed electoral overhaul as she chats with guests on debut TV talk show South China Morning Post

ANU academic slammed over citation of ‘sub-par’ Chinese genocide research Sydney Morning Herald


Myanmar Regime Troops Ordered to ‘Annihilate’ Protesters, Internal Memos Show The Irrawaddy. True to form. Targets of opportunity:

Tatmadaw launches fresh air raids on KNU territory Agence France Presse


A made-in-India shock doctrine, with a little help from Latin America Monthly Review

As Indians Face A COVID-19 Crisis, Facebook Temporarily Hid Posts With #ResignModi Buzzfeed News

Covid-19 in Africa: map following the pandemic The Africa Report


How Afghanistan’s President Helped His Brother Secure Lucrative Mining Deals with a U.S. Contractor OCCRP

Moscow Will Not Allow Iran to Have Nuclear Bomb Under Any Circumstances, Russian Envoy Says Sputnik News

U.S. and Israel have a policy of ‘no surprises,’ says Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan NBC

Impunity still rules: fewer than 5% of federal cases are prosecuted: study Mexico News Daily

7 Zapatistas will set sail on May 3 for Europe Chiapas Support


Boris Johnson extends poll lead despite sleaze allegations Independent. BoJo: 40%; Starmer: 25%. You can’t beat something with nothing.

Sheesh, look at that pop-eyed Black dude on the right:

Post-Corbyn Labour, good job.

Northern Ireland First Minister Foster to step down after party revolt Reuters. Good night, Arlene….

Paris prosecutors seek involuntary manslaughter charges over AstraZeneca deaths France24

New Cold War

Russia rejects Ukraine’s push to revise 2015 peace deal AP. Can’t Ukraine defuse the situation by giving some Putin relative a no-show job?

Washington’s Weirdest Think Tank The Tablet. The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.

Algorithmic Warfare, Part 1: Fighting by a Script Bazaar of War

Biden Administration

Biden declares US is ‘ready for take-off’ in speech to Congress FT

Biden speech takeaways: Government is good, and so are jobs AP

Full transcript: President Joe Biden delivers speech to joint session of Congress ABC

* * *

Power Up: One hundred days in, Biden has chalked up some wins by going big WaPo

Samantha Power confirmed to lead US Agency for International Development CNN

Washington Is Avoiding the Tough Questions on Taiwan and China Foreign Affairs

Senate votes to nix Trump rule limiting methane regulation The Hill

FCC approves Starlink license modification Space News. Commentary:

Navy SEALs to shift from counterterrorism to global threats AP. Bringing their mad torture skillz with them?

Democrats en Deshabille

Cuomo Aides Spent Months Hiding Nursing Home Death Toll Albany Times-Union

The ‘green new deal’ supported by Ocasio-Cortez and Corbyn is just a new form of colonialism The Independent

Republican Funhouse

Home and office of Rudy Giuliani searched by federal agents FT

COVID Is Going Away, and It’s Making Some Trump Fans Crazy Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Security firm Kaspersky believes it found new CIA malware The Record

‘It’s Important Americans Don’t Take for Granted They Can Exercise Their First Amendment Rights’ FAIR


The CIA’s Chinese Walls Craig Murray

Our Famously Free Press

Amazon’s algorithms promote extremist misinformation, report says Seattle Times. I’m never been quite sure what “extremist” means. By horseshow theory, “other than liberal”?

The local news crisis is a labor story Columbia Journalism Review

CNN’s New “Reporter,” Natasha Bertrand, is a Deranged Conspiracy Theorist and Scandal-Plagued CIA Propagandist Glenn Greenwald

Rowdy Facebook food page erupts over harvesting of ramps AP. You read it here first.


SF police commissioner fends off calls to resign after ‘uncomfortable truth’ about guns SHGate (JBird4049).

A Walmart worker talked about suicide. The store sold him a gun anyway, family says. NBC

Groves of Academe

The Fallacy at the Heart of All Reform Education Realist

Imperial Collapse Watch

China is wrong to think the US faces inevitable decline Martin Wolf, FT

What Comes After the Forever Wars Foreign Policy

Guillotine Watch

The secret credit card that’s only for the rich Timothy Noah, Substack. Hubertus Bigend, no doubt, has several.

Traffic lights, who needs ’em? Lucky Kentucky residents up in arms over first roundabout The Register. Roundabouts are violence.

Class Warfare

Two weeks’ paid sick leave at Walmart could have prevented 7,500 Covid cases, report finds Guardian (nvl). Well, naturally.

French Renault workers take managers captive in bid to stop factory sale Guardian

The War over Work Tribune

Authenticity is a sham Aeon

Deep Time experiment: Participants emerge after 40 days in a cave Axios (dk).

Antidote du jour (via):

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