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The Lacura brand of wheelchair cushions and positioning aides has been serving the seating and positioning professionals for 17 years. The Lacura brand was created to offer high quality seating and positioning products at an affordable price, exclusively offered by Performance Health. Appropriate positioning can enable you to be more comfortable in your bed or wheelchair for longer periods of time, while helping to prevent pressure injuries. We offer a vast array of styles, sizes and compositions to accommodate a wide range of customer needs.

Foam layers are made with a low-density foam but have medium-density middle layer for those who need a moderate level of support and pressure relief
Made for wheelchair seats, or other seats, measuring 22 inches wide and 18 inches deep; provides 2 inches of foam comfort
Includes anti-microbial polyurethane stretch cover and straps with a buckle to secure the cushion in place
Washable cover for ease of cleaning to provide the user with a sanitary cushion for best hygiene practices
Strapping system us designed to add additional security and stability while in use

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