John Boyega is set to star in “Bridgerton” as the lead actor for seasons to come. In a recent article by Entertainment Tonight. John Boyega has revealed that he will be starring in the Lifetime series Bridgerton. The upcoming season of “Bridgerton” will feature a new cast and plotline. With John Boyega leading this fresh take on the show!

John Boyega wants to replace Rege-Jean Page in Bridgerton. Created and produced by the Hallmark Channel. But later bought out by Lifetime after Hallmark. Became an independent company. The show was based on Colin Clark’s book titled Bridget Jones’ Diary. A Novel About Love As Told By Her In The Future. With Some Help From Her Past And Present Diaries. Starring Rege-Jean Page; as the original lead actor. Along with other notable actors such as Tom Ellis and Kris Marshall, it follows Lady Diana Spencer, who falls!

John Boyega has said, “I’m a Leo, so I like attention.” He continued with, “And it’s great because [Bridgertons] is not all about me being black; they’re just talking about my character. As a person within that family. And how he fits into the conversation.” He also added, “It was really refreshing for me to play somebody; who wasn’t struggling with their colour or race at every moment of their existence.”

This new take on Bridgerton promises to have more diversity than before!

About Bridgerton

The series is set in Regency-era London. The show chronicles Sir Richard’s pursuit of love and social acceptance while balancing his heritage, public perception, and duty as the firstborn Bridgerton son.

Bridger falls in love with the beautiful, blonde heiress Lady Penelope Pembroke and marries her after a whirlwind courtship. But Bridget’s family is less than sympathetic when they learn that not only has she married for love, but to an African man-a situation most would deem unthinkable at this time period.

The show follows their lives as Sir Richard and Lady Pembroke navigate early nineteenth-century London society while trying to balance his heritage, public perception, and duty as the firstborn Bridgerton son who must produce heirs someday soon…but it’s hard on him now!

Bridgerton Season 1 Star Cast

The show’s stars are:

John Boyega as Sir Richard Bridgerton, the firstborn son who must produce heirs someday soon…but it’s hard on him now!

Nina Dobrev as Lady Pembroke (Penelope) Bridger, a beautiful blonde heiress from a good family in desperate need of an heir. She falls in love with her new husband and is determined to make their marriage work for both their sakes.

Jessica Brown Findlay as Lady Hyacinth Bridger-Stubbs, sister to Bridget and mother of four sisters. Her life becomes much more complicated when her second daughter has a baby out of wedlock just six months into her marriage, which brings shame to the family name.

Jonathan Keltz as Lord Ludwig Bridgerton, second son of Sir Richard, who has been out in society for years now with no prospects on the horizon and is eager for his chance at happiness.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Viola “Violetta” Marbury-Barkley, a woman from America’s deep south whose father was once one of England’s wealthiest landowners before losing everything. Violetta must marry well or risk becoming destitute herself…but she doesn’t seem to know that yet!

Zoe Tapper as Lady Daphne Bridger-Stubbs (daughter), motherless but not unhappily so; her sister Hyacinth helps raise her.

John Boyega wants to replace Regé-Jean Page on 'Bridgerton'

James Norton as Lord Anthony Bridgerton, third son of Sir Richard, who has been spending years in the army and now returns to society with more than a little bitterness about the world he’s left behind.

Bridgerton Season 1 Reviews and Ratings

Brought back some of my childhood memories with this show. It’s so funny how people thought about African Americans in that time period too.

I really enjoyed watching these episodes again, although I found out they were cancelled after season one. If you’re looking for a lighthearted comedy, then give this show a try 🙂

Bridgerton Season 2 Release Date Updates

The show is not cancelled! There are talks about whether or not it will be renewed. I hope so because I’ve been following the show for a while now and want to see what happens with Lady Pembroke (especially her newest baby).

On 21st January, an official statement was released for the show, stating that there will be a season 2 whose Release Date is still not confirmed but is likely to premiere sometime around spring in 2021. This will be followed by Season 3 and 4 with a different cast and story possibility.


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