In May, 2013, a cluster of adverse events suspected to be linked to HPV vaccination were reported in the Japanese media, prompting the Japanese Government to suspend proactive recommendations for the vaccine in June, 2013. Despite no evidence of a link with HPV vaccination being found in the local investigation, and calls by WHO and the global scientific community to resume active recommendation of the cancer-preventing vaccine, the proactive recommendation of HPV vaccination remains suspended in Japan.

In 2017, the Japan Expert Council on Promotion of Vaccination—a body of 17 academic societies from a broad range of fields, including infectious disease, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, respiratory illness, travel health, and vaccinology—published a statement recommending renewed proactive support for the widespread use of the HPV vaccine.

Expert Council on Promotion of Vaccination. Consensus statement from 17 relevant Japanese academic societies on the promotion of the human papillomavirus vaccine.