BuzzFeedVideo published by “I Accidentally Became A Meme: Holding in a Fart Next to a Cute Girl In Class” video. BuzzFeedVideo wrote this:When Mathew noticed the tendency for his friend Michael’s veins to bulge when he laughed, he had an idea… little did any of them realize how far that idea would take them. Check out Michael’s instagram: out Mathew’s instagram:


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Low Section Of Person Holding Smart Phone Over White Background
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Portrait of a small business owner in 50s
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Cute brown mexican chihuahua dog isolated on light pink background. Outraged, unhappy dog looks left. Copy Space
Ravena July/Getty Images
Portrait of starring ginger cat
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close up hand hold phone isolated on white, mock-up smartphone white color blank screen
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Surprised baby girl looking up on white background
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Afro american man with surprised expression
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Bearded man looking at camera with a surprised expression
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Meeting Room
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Online communication Social Media Speech Bubbles support service
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Brain Neuron Activity
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Human Skin with blood vein on hand
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Bitcoin cryptocurrency motion shot
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Close-up of a person signing a business contract with a black ballpoint pen.
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Slow motion panning shot of girl taking notes in school classroom / Provo, Utah, United States
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Blood vessel pulsing on the leg
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Super Popular Influencer Follow Counter Rises Up to 1 Billion
OrlowskiDesigns/Getty Images
Social Media Speech Bubbles
themotioncloud/Getty Images
Facebook Instagram Twitter Likes
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Check writing – dollar
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Blood clot in human artery or vein
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Medium shot pan teacher writing on board in front of classroom of students
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Low angle medium shot pan group of young business people with serious expressions
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