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BuzzFeed is an American media based in New York, operating in the entertainment industry. As itself own suggested,  BuzzFeed focuses on viral contents and with over 88M visitors monthly is one of the best Media outlets to promote B2C contents and services.

Among the prominent investors of this online magazine is Kenneth Lerer, the co-founder of HuffingtonPost that has joined the executive team with the position of executive chairman.

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BuzzFeed, Inc.
111 E. 18th Street
13th Floor
New York, NY 10003

BuzzFeed Journalists

Akhter, Tabir
Bartosevich, Catherine
Braga, Heather
Burton, Summer Anne
Chirico, Kristin
Di Stefano, Mark
Dunlap, Kelley
Eyers, Tracey
Falletta, Augusta
Favilla, Emmy
Garnett, Jasmine
Grant, Dionne

Habersberger, Keith
Haburchak, Alan
Harness, James
Herman, Katy
Jackson, Jame
Kirkland, Sam
Lamb, Scott
Laquian, Allyson
Lim, Steven
McAnaw, Emma
McCarthy, Ryan
McGetrick, Ashley

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  • Reddit

Last 12 months analysis

Average engagements by social media platform

  • Facebook
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  • Reddit

Last 12 months analysis

Engagements by week days

  • Facebook
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  • Reddit

Last 12 months analysis

Average engagements by content lengh

  • Facebook
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Last 12 months analysis

Top 5 articles ranked by engagements

1) If You Were Stabbed By A Pencil And Still Have A Mark, YOU ARE NOT ALONE

Total Engagements:1.5M

2) 26 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insanely Cold It Is Across The US

Total Engagements:544.8K

3) Tony Hawk Keeps Tweeting When People Don’t Recognize Him And It’s Freaking Hilarious

Total Engagements:477.8K

4) “Friends” Is No Longer Leaving Netflix On January 1 And Everything Is OK Again

Total Engagements:469K

5) The 18 Absolute Dumbest Things Anti-Vaxxers Actually Said In 2018

Total Engagements:439.9K

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Direct contact of BuzzFeed journalists

Editor Name Position Email Contact
Joe Bernstein Tech Reporter
Johana Bhuiyan Tech Reporter
William Alden Business Reporter, San Francisco
Mat Honan Staff Writer
Alex Kantrowitz Editor, Ad-Tech, Marketing-Tech, BtoB
Sheera Frenkel Cybersecurity Correspondent
John Paczkowski EDITOR  
Jessica Probus
Jessica Misener Senior Editor
Mackenzie Kruvant Senior Editor
Matt Ortile Editorial Development
Katie Notopoulos Senior Editor
Ailbhe Malone UK Lifestyle Editor
Ashley Perez Travel Editor
Stephanie M. Lee Senior Technology Reporter
Brendan Klinkenberg Tech Reporter
Michelle Rial Writer/Illustrator – Infographics
Caroline O’Donovan Senior Technology Reporter, San Francisco
Venessa Wong Business Reporter, New York
Peggy Wang Editorial Director of Buzzfeed Life
Charlie Warzel Tech Reporter
Mike Spohr Senior Parenting Editor
Nitasha Tiku Senior Writer, BuzzFeed News
Mariah Summers Business Reporter
Ben Smith Editor-in-Chief
Matthew Zeitlin Staff Writer
Hamza Shaban Technology Policy Reporter, Washington DC

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PR strategy in Buzzfeed

There are different types of links; however, the best type is natural. And what that means is that you create great content. You generate this wonderful content that the other blogs and websites just can’t wait to link to, you post something to your blog and without doing anything people start linking to it. That is a sign of very high-quality content. Now, natural links don’t necessarily happen until you have a certain level of popularity.

Link building is an essential part of SEO; building links help your site to boost authority and if you have no authority, you have no ranks. So acquiring larger amounts of authority links is going to boost your authority and, as you gain authority, you also gain interaction in search results.
In getting backlinks to their sites, many people rely on outreaching other site owners through their social pages or via email. However, the best links you can get from your site are through media coverage. That’s why we have listed below some of the top contacts of BuzzFeed; contact them now and pitch your product!


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