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The Challenger X is an innovative recreational electric scooter that is revolutionizing personal transportation indoors and outdoors. Designed for either seated or stand up use, the J750 goes up to 20 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of 18 miles per hour. Three wheels provide greater stability and safety than regular two wheeled transporters, not to mention more torque and longer range for more rigorous use. The advanced powerful 800 Watt wheel motor design built into the front wheel allows for better overall performance, efficiency as well as maneuverability, with a turning radius which allows the user to make a tight 360° turn, and a climbing angle of 17 degrees. The Challenger X is built with a powerful motor for a better performance than other mobility scooters, and operates at a lower cost. It plugs into any conventional 110 volt household outlet and has zero exhaust emissions.

Dual front Shock Absorbers
18 mph top speed and 300 lbs weight limit
Stand up or sit down riding positions – adjustable height tiller.
Standard seat, helmet and Charger included (folding seat optional $180)

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