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Challenger Jumbo Folding Rear Basket accessory is designed for most Pride, Drive, Golden, Merits Mobility scooters. It is great for carrying grocery bags, and or could also be used for an oxygen tank. It attaches to the universal accessory holder located on the back of all Pride scooters. Must be 1″x1″ in size. This basket can be used on all Pride scooters including the Go-Go, Rally, Celebrity X, Legend, Pursuit XL, Pursuit, Revo, Victory, Maxima, Hurricane and Wrangler. Although most scooters come with a small front basket, often times you need a larger storage compartment to assist you with your everyday needs, like being able to carry your shopping bags, groceries, an oxygen tank or even your favorite furry friend while both hands are safely on the tiller navigating your scooter. And if that’s not a good enough reason, you know what they say – don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The Challenger Mobility Jumbo Folding Rear Scooter Basket is made of durable material and can be easily installed on your scooter’s universal accessory hitch in seconds. No tools required or a special diploma. Simply insert into the accessory hitch receiver and secure with the included safety pin.

QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION: Holding pin is included. Attaches to the universal accessory holder 1″x1″ in size located on the back of your scooter.
ADJUSTABLE BRACKET: The basket can be adjusted closer to or further away from the back of your scooter.
DURABLE & STURDY: 2 locking knobs keep the basket steady while you drive, and the heavy-duty metal design stays strong for years to come.

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