Just sharing my personal situation on vaccination status.

I am not firmly against getting the vaccine. I’m also not worried too much about negative long-term effects, staying positive on that issue. I’m thankful that my parents and in-laws got it. None of them actually had covid, so asap is as good a time as any. They are all in their 60’s. My mom has some minor lung damage from previous pneumonia.

My family and I had covid in January. With an estimated 6-8 months of high levels of antibodies, we were in no rush to get the vaccine. But, DW is a special education teacher and has gotten the vaccine already. Reason is, her school is strict and it will make things easier for her and I really understand that. And, she teaches a few children with downs syndrome, which have higher risk. Not sure if she’ll get it yearly?

I work outside mostly and not with many people. At this point, I just don’t know if there is a logical reason for me to get vaccinated. I’m supposedly not a risk to others through this summer. Yes, it’s possible I will need it to travel or participate in an event. But like @qwerty6 said, I believe any proof of vaccination will be short lived. Note, I have never gotten the flu vaccine.

My kids are 11 and 14. They have not talked about getting the vaccine, but I don’t know if it’s necessary for healthy children to be getting it? If their school come fall, still requires masks for the unvaccinated we’ll have to talk about what to do.

And things could change, it’s possible I will get the vaccine at some point. But we’ll see how the next year plays out.


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