By Jess Harter
Monday, June 7, 2021

Tempe-born Cartel Coffee Lab – a specialty coffee purveyor known for sourcing, roasting, and brewing high-quality coffee – unveils a new menu today for the first time in its 13 years.

The summer menu, available at all 10 of its retail locations in Arizona, Texas and California, celebrates flavors of the Southwest.

“We wanted to create a menu that’s specifically curated for desert city dwellers to enjoy,’’ says Cartel’s Jesse Pangburn. ‘‘These drinks are intentionally crafted to be refreshing for hot summer days while still being specialty coffee driven.’’

The upgraded drink menu has new options such as The CCL, a shaken coconut-caramel latte that features vegan caramel from Nami-Green, and The Lazy Saturday, a cold brew concentrate coffee mixed with Iconic Cocktail’s Bitter Orange Tonic and seltzer water.

The new bakery menu, available only at Arizona retail locations, includes a Matcha Blueberry Pop Tart (pictured) and a Jasmine Peach Loaf.

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