Mẹ Nấm, a human rights activist and Vietnamese blogger known as Mother Mushroom, who was granted asylum in the US in 2018 after she was jailed in Vietnam for speaking out against the Vietnamese government, has been targeted by far-right Vietnamese YouTubers for questioning their videos.

The backlash began after she wrote a Facebook post critiquing former president Donald Trump’s promotion of malaria medication to treat COVID-19. The YouTubers sprang to action, calling Nấm an “undercover communist” set out to undermine Trump and America and launched a petition, signed by thousands, to get her deported from the US. The KingRadio also directed his fans to “smash out her teeth and attack her relatives” after she posted a vlog questioning his business practices in January.

The KingRadio is known to sell Viagra, medications, and beauty creams that he said are made by his cousin to his YouTube audience, available to order through a phone number displayed on a banner in his videos. One source told BuzzFeed News that her mom spent over $700 on a beauty cream ordered from his channel, and that she was horrified to google the brand on her mother’s cream and find zero results.


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