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Product Description

BumperBib Rear Bumper Protector


Thank You to our BumperBib Community for your valuable Feedback which dramatically improved the functionality of an already beloved product.

Now Standard: Permanently Stitched On Rubberized Backing.

The BumperBib bumper protector features an innovative patented shape and design which will universally fit most vehicles. It is intended to protect your bumper daily unloading and loading of items in and out of your trunk. Extremely comfortable if you occasionally sit on your bumper at the tailgate or at the park.

ONE SIZE FITS MOST – Fits Most Sedan Vehicles
The trunk portion is 45″L x 24″W – Extra Wide Protecting the Trunk Area from Dirt, Grime, Spills, Leaks
The rear bumper portion is 37″L x 15″W. Extra Wide Bumper Portion for Maximum Protection
The BumperBib bumper protector will fit the trunk opening and cargo area of a Honda Civic and will also fit within a Honda CRV with seats down.

WARNING and DISCLAIMER: Never drive with the BumperBib exposed and flipped out. Not intended to be used as a Parking Protector.

Protect Your Bumper from Scratches While Unloading

Luggage (Great for Livery Drivers)
Strollers (Mom’s – No Need to Worry about Scratching the Car)
Wheelchairs (Just slide your Wheelchair into Your Trunk)
Musical Drum and Equipment
Sports Equipment (Baseball Catchers Bag, Golf Bag, Football Equipment)

Protects the rear bumper from costly expensive repairs.

Protect Your Pants, Skirt, or Slacks from Dirt and Grime

Shields your clothes from:

Mud Grime Water Snow

Saves you Money from unnecessary trips and expenses to the Dry Cleaners.

Other Features

Latch Hole Opening

Durable Rubberized Backing

Mildew Resistant Polyester Carpet on the exposed side of the BumperBib

rear bumper protectorrear bumper protector

Can be easily folded away

UNIVERSAL REAR BUMPER GUARD: Heavy Duty RUBBERIZED BACKING (NO horrible rubber odors) – DURABLE AND LONG LASTING Bumper guard flap allows for easy loading and unloading of suitcases, strollers, golf clubs, wheelchairs, or luggage without scratching or denting your vehicle.
ALL IN ONE TRUNK CARGO LINER WITH REAR BUMPER PROTECTOR : Protect your trunk’s carpet, upholstery, or rubber trim when stowing heavy objects, boxes, mulch, or tools. Carpet cargo liner helps keep your trunk clean and organized.
EASY SLIDE, LOAD, or UNLOAD difficult to carry objects with ease using the durable sliding carpet surface. Slip heavy boxes or sporting goods in the trunk without straining your back.
ONE SIZE FITS MOST – The trunk cargo liner is 45″L x 24″W and the rear bumper portion is 37″L x 15″W. Fits most sedan vehicles.

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