We all know how straight men can be very…straight men-ish.

Well, on Sunday, Twitter user @hannystyles69 personified this when she posted this viral tweet, showing her side of the bed vs. her boyfriend’s.

For clarity, her side: an Instagram-friendly, aestheticaly pleasing cozy corner.

Her boyfriend’s: a baseball bat, an empty Gatorade bottle, and lube (?).

@hannystyles69 / Via Twitter: @hannystyles69

“I would like to say, no matter what my boyfriends aesthetic is, he is very very good to me,” @hannystyles69 said in a follow-up tweet. “I am typing this as he brushes my hair before we go to bed. Do not settle, my fellows bitches, we shall let the simps in for thee shall protect and honor us.”

The hilarious tweet went super viral with over 600,000 likes and 40,000 RTs and led to other people sharing their side of the bed vs. their boyfriend’s.

This person shared their boyfriend’s side, which is like Appalachian Gamer chic:

I — what in the charger minimalism is this???

What in the tool bench is this???

This boyfriend also sports the baseball bat look:

We all basically had the same thoughts:

Me looking at all these bedsides:

In conclusion, straight men, do better. And when in doubt, just go on Pinterest.

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