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With superior pressure distribution and durability, Bodypoint® Calf Straps keep feet safely and comfortably on foot plates with calves relaxed.

Our two-layer design blends comfort and function, allowing you to control flexion and keep feet from falling without bruising skin. Smooth, porous Aeromesh® fabric against the legs provides air circulation and comfort while a stiffener layer maintains its shape, virtually eliminating folding and buckling.

Unlike generic supports, the special hook-and-loop style closure material will not chafe, catch or snag clothing. Like all Bodypoint® products, these machine wash and dry.

The Bodypoint difference is in the details:
• Stiffened, multi-layer laminated construction for long-term shape retention
• Cushioning Aeromesh® fabric layer against the leg for improved air circulation
• Easy-opening straps for quick adjustments in fit
• Lightweight, but super durable
• Edge-bound, laminated pad will not cut into the calf
• Machine washable and dryable

Available in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large). For distributed support over a broader calf region, especially for users in tilt or recline, consider a Bodypoint® Calf Panel as an alternative.

Engineered for superior pressure distribution, comfort and durability
Soft, breathable Aeromesh fabric bonded to a non-creasing stiffener provides just enough give for stable comfort
Hook-and-loop straps are easy to open and adjust
Machine wash and dry

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