Immigration minister says Murugappans will be released from Christmas Island detention, but are ‘unlawful non-citizens’. Follow developments live.

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Catherine King is the latest one to get a pass on QT under 94A

Again. Lucky.

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Anthony Albanese to Michael McCormack:

I refer to comments by the New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian in relation to quarantine when she said, “In the future, you can’t have a hotel built for tourism as a quarantine facility.” When will the Morrison Government do its job and create a safe national quarantine system?

And the quarantine system which came about as a result of National Cabinet, using hotels for quarantining has worked largely successfully. It has. Mr Speaker, we have, indeed, placed health as the number one priority, as we work through COVID-19. We’ve also made sure we had the economic outcomes.

We’ve put the money into the budget n successive budgets, to build out of a better… Into a better place out of Covid-19. So we’ve made sure that we’re strengthening the economy.

I’ll just say to the Acting Prime Minister… He’s drifting off what was a very specific question. He’s been relevant up until this point. But there’s not an opportunity to compare and contrast in internationally.

Thank you Mr Speaker, but I know that I would prefer to live in Australia than anywhere else. And that is because of the health outcomes that we have put in place. Thing that we have put in place for vaccinations…

No, the Acting Prime Minister I’m sorry, the question was very specific relating to a quote from the New South Wales Premier. He has certainly been relevant up to this point. He needs to return to that or wine up his answer.

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