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The Absolute 12V 100AH AGM is a premium quality Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery (also referred to as a Sealed Lead Acid SLA Battery) built to provide the power and performance you require when you need it! Designed for more than performance, the service life in deep cycle and float (back up) applications will keep you up and running for longer than the competition. These 12V 100AH 12 Volt 100 Amp Hour (SLA) AGM with (+ on left) Post Terminal Connector batteries are specially designed to be completely spill proof and leak proof, giving them the ability to be mounted in ANY position. Excellent resistance to vibration, shock, chemicals and heat they have a lower self-discharge which means less time between recharging. Go with a name that means quality and service for you battery needs in applications including: Fire & Security System Panels, Emergency Lights, Consumer Electronics, Access Control, Electric Bikes & Scooters, Toys, Tools, Jump Booster Packs, Medical Mobility, Hunting & Fishing, Powersports, Lawn and Garden, Motorcycles and so much more!

Dimensions: 12.17″ x 6.61″ x 9.16″ Weight: 55 lbs.
These batteries are classified as non-hazardous and non -spillable by DOT. They can be shipped by any method including air.
AGM Battery, electrolyte suspended in fiberglass mat, specifically designed to be spill and leak proof. Excellent Resistance to vibration and shock, can be mounted in any position with long lasting performance.
Replaces 12V 90AH and 100AH Batteries

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