When the Eternals finally make their way to the MCU on November 5th, Marvel will have a lot of explaining to do from the film’s first scenes — and the various Eternals leaks we saw so far suggest that will be the case. The Eternals are powerful beings whose mission is to protect the Earth from serious threats. It’s always been their mission, and we’ll learn the Eternals have inhabited the planet quietly for millennia. Yet they haven’t established themselves as superheroes in the MCU so far, choosing not to appear in any meaningful form during any of the major conflicts the Avengers have faced in the past. Eternals will probably retcon things, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Eternals working behind the scenes to quietly help the Avengers save the day — this is just speculation, however.

We already saw a few different potential plot leaks from the movie, including one from a source whose identity and connections to Marvel have been verified. Also of note, Marvel’s own MCU promo video included at least one scene that seemed to confirm a detail from that plot leak. Despite that, we can’t say for certain whether or not those spoilers are accurate. But the first Eternals Lego leaks have now arrived, and they seem to confirm even more tidbits from that massive plot leak. Mind you, several spoilers might follow. If you want to avoid all MCU leaks, you’ll want to stay away from the Lego isles in stores for the foreseeable future.

In their mission to protect the planet, the Eternals from Marvel’s comics usually had to fight the Deviants. Both races were created by the Celestials millennia ago, and their conflicts have raged ever since. That’s important to know not just for the Eternals movie’s place in the grand scheme of MCU stories but also to understand the following Lego leaks.

Posted on Reddit, the Lego leaks show various Eternals minifigs as well as their enemies, the Deviants. Also, there’s at least one Celestial Lego toy to buy this year, which could very well be a huge spoiler for the film.

We’ve seen Lego sets reveal leaks ahead of other MCU movies in the past, and we’ve usually pointed out that the events depicted in these sets might not match the film’s plot. That said, they typically do. The Lego toys are loosely based on the movie, and that’s the kind of detail you should keep in mind when viewing these images.

A Redditor posted several photos from a Lego catalog that give us a good look at what appears to be two key elements from the Eternals plot. That’s the Eternals’ spaceship and a Celestial being.

Here’s the spaceship:

And here’s the description for it:

Explore The Eternals’ spaceship with Makkari, Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, Druig, and Phastos. Open the sides to access the interior. Check out
the cockpit, the weapons room and the lab, but when the leader of the Deviants arrives with his accomplice, it’s time to take the spaceship into battle! Plus… if you collect The Eternals Lego minifigures, this set it the only one to feature Druig and Phastos!

The page also tells us that the ship features a detailed interior, as seen in the left corner.

The Celestial set is even more exciting, seen in the following photo:

According to the catalog page, the Celestial figure stands over 30cm (11.81 inches) tall. Comparatively, the spaceship measures 22cm (8.66 inches).

The set is called In Arishem’s Shadow and it gives us the name of the Celestial who the Eternals might have to face in the film. Comicbook fans already know who Arishem is. Sadly, the Lego set’s description isn’t visible, so we have no way of seeing what this Celestial is all about, at least in Lego’s MCU lore.

Of note, that massive Eternals plot leak happens to mention both an Eternal spaceship and a Celestial. But it’s not Arishem — check out the leaked details at this link.

The rest of the Eternals Lego leaks are available below:

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