Each time we see a logo from the past, a McNuggets box from the ’80s, or landline phones from many years ago, we can’t help but think that old school is cool. These things are all a part of the world from our childhood, a time when we didn’t play games on our phones but spent hours in sandboxes.

We at Bright Side get nostalgic from time to time and would like to show you some things that can remind you of sweet moments from the past.

1. When the minimalism trend is taken too seriously

2. We need tougher phones.

3. The old Garfield phone was very interactive.

4. The feeling when you meet your first crush but your face is painted like a clown

5. “’90s photoshoots at Walmart!”

6. “My old school Alf shirt”

7. Crumbling up the paper until it turned super soft instead of playing games on your phone

8. “The change machines at arcades — I can almost smell the room.”

9. When memory was something you could actually hold in your hands

10. “Was cleaning out the mother-in-law’s house and found old HitClips with Britney Spears’ ’Stronger.’”

11. “When people used to get dressed up to use the computer”

12. Original Nintendo

13. Those short talks on a payphone…

14. Our grandparents knew how to make the perfect, single cool shot on a Kodak.

15. It was cool to collect old The Simpsons toys.

16. Yes, McNuggets were sold in cool boxes.

17. “I found The Story of Star Wars record while going through my parents’ collection.”

18. “My dad as a teenager in his punk rock phase”

19. The fishing game — we still play it but as a mobile version.

20. An old Motorolla — small and cute!

21. These bags are back.

What cool thing from the past did you love the most? Do you keep old stuff from your childhood? Please share photos of it with us!

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