When someone says, “granny” — what do you think about? It’s probably something warm, tasty, and kind. Because even the strictest mother will become a grandmother and become really loving with her grandchildren. Is it some sort of magic?

The Bright Side team found out that, for most people, grandmothers are some of the most caring people in their lives.

1. “I’m introducing my boyfriend to my family. Granny made 45 meatballs.”

2. “A dog that my grandmother knitted for me”

3. This is so moving.

4. “I was studying and my grandma got something nice for me.”

5. “My grandma sent a photo of her cooking. I’m starving now.”

6. This is true love.

7. “My grandma made these cool socks for me. I love her.”

8. “I don’t want to brag by my grandmother sent us 2 pounds of apples and embroidered pillows. The one with the cat is mine.”

9. “My student’s grandma made this.”

10. “My grandma sends me photos of my favorite toy. I’m 22.”

11. “Rainy day baking for Christmas. Whose grandmother made this one? Mine did!”

12. “My grandmother sewed these patches on an old jacket for me in high school.”

13. “My grandmother made this small pillow for me. I don’t have the heart to tell her that I don’t play these games anymore. But it’s awesome.”

14. “My grandmother made me this for my 15th birthday.”

15. “I showed my grandmother a photo of a top that I liked. Today, she sent me this.”

What good memories do you have about your grandmothers? Share some of them with us.

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